Studio Classes & 1 to 1 Sessions

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We are delighted to offer classes in Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Kung combination, and 1 to 1 classes available in Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi and Chi Kung combination.

Classes have a maximum of up to 10 people

so you will need to book your space

to avoid disappointment.














Yoga  - Maximum class size of 8 people

Develops strength, flexibility and poise, incorporating meditation, breath awareness and sense of inner peace; connecting mind, body and soul. Yoga Flow classes are a dynamic ashtanga vinyasa form of yoga.



Pilates - Maximum class size of 6 people

 is a body conditioning routine which improves strength and flexibility, co-ordination and balance, whilst developing a strong core. It is very low impact on joints so ideal to strengthen weak backs.



Tai Chi & Chi Kung Combination Class

- Maximum class size of 10 people

combines the benefits of the healing art of Tai Chi (its literal translation is ‘energy work’) with the Chinese system of slow meditative physical exercise designed for relaxation, balance and health. This method enhances the free flow of chi (life force energy) through the body, it combines natural breathing, meditation and movement to relieve muscular tension, free up joints and is also good for improving balance, flexibility and focus.


Classes are limited in size so you will need to book your space to avoid disappointment. One-to-one sessions are available for Yoga, Pilates and Chi Kung – please call for further information or to book an appointment.



Pure Stretch - Maximum class size of 5 people

Pure Stretch is a class designed to lengthen the entire body whilst focusing on core stability. Pure Stretch will improve flexibility, develop core strength and add more balance to a fitness routine. Pure Stretch classes are designed to be light hearted, stimulating and interactive. They are choreographed in such a way that all levels of fitness can attend and enjoy.


Why Pure Stretch?

 ·   Improves flexibility   ·   Develops core strength   ·   Releases muscular tension   ·   Suitable for everyone                  ·  Easy to follow    ·   Sociable and light hearted

Studio Timetable

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